What is Bbop?!

A new social network and marketplace especially for musicians, focused on Europe. A place to show off your music, meet other musicians and buy or sell instruments. 

I already use eBay and other sites, why would I switch to Bbop?

It’s FREE, it crosses borders and it’s all about the music.  More info on that question at "Why use Bbop?".

Why should I create a profile on Bbop?

To connect with people, to use it as your personal marketing page or to create a perfect online store. "Social on Bbop" has more information on that question.

What guarantee do I have when I buy something on Bbop?

Bbop promotes an honest and straightforward way of buying and selling musical equipment. Since we are not an e-shop but an online marketplace, each transaction depends on the individual buyers and sellers. That is why we provide many ways for the seller to say more about themselves on their profile, including a dedicated place in the seller’s shop for his shipping and return policies. Make sure to read this before buying an item (if selling, make sure to fill out this information in as much detail as possible to avoid confusion). If a seller was actively fraudulent, report them to us.

If you pay using Paypal, you are also covered by Paypal's buyer protection

Do I have to live in Europe to buy or sell something here?

Not at all. Anyone, anywhere can use Bbop. You can always use the filters to shop within only your country, certain other countries, or worldwide. More info on "Buying on Bbop".

How do customs and taxes work?

If you live in the EU (more precisely the European Economic Area) and you buy something from another EU country, you shouldn’t have any customs problems to worry about. In the filters you can select “European Union” under location to see only products in the EU. If you live outside the EEA you may need to pay import taxes, and you may have certain custom procedures to go through. Check the relevant information for your country.

How much does it cost to use this site?

Nothing. Bbop is completely free!

Can I get a job at Bbop?

Possibly. Bbop is looking for people to represent us in their country. We are also looking for bloggers or other content creators to make our site the best source for info on the music scene. If any of that appeals to you, get in touch.


More questions? Email us at [email protected].