Selling on Bbop

Selling an item on Bbop is easy, and Free! Simply click the "Sell Item" button to fill out our one page form and your listing will be live. You can always edit it later if needed. Some things to consider include:

  • Choose whether you want to a normal sale or an auction.
  • Give the item a descriptive title - not just "electric guitar".
  • You can give buyers more options by setting a Buy it Now price (for auctions) or accepting Offers (for sales).
  • Being as detailed as you can helps buyers find your item faster and prevents problems in the sales process later.
  • Use photos and videos wherever you can.
  • Be sure to specify which countries you will ship to – the more, the better.
  • If the user has set a different language, your description will be automatically translated.
  • If you want to upload many items at once, use our Bbop bulk upload form.
  • If you are already selling on eBay or Reverb, you can export your inventory to excel and send it to us at [email protected] - we will upload it for you. 


Your Bbop profile is divided into two pages: the social profile and the store. Make sure to fill out the information on both.

  • Adding photos and videos to your profile as well as details about yourself helps you stand out and gives buyers comfort that you are a genuine seller.
  • Your store is your real online shop. Buyers can filter and search your store just like they can any e-shop. Providing as much detail about your store in the description as well as being detailed about your shipping and return policies makes you look more professional.

Location and Shipping

Bbop's advanced location filtering gives you more flexibility about where you want to sell, and you can change it for each product.

  • Do you already have an online store in your country? That’s OK, you can still use Bbop as your international store by setting the countries you ship to.
  • Perhaps you don't have permission to sell a product outside of your country. Set that product only to ship to that country.
  • You can set different types of shipping, even for the same country- for example Express and Standard.
  • Local pickup allows people to come get the item from you. It's a good idea to allow this (usually for free).
  • Quickly set defaults by clicking the box, so you don't have to fill out the information on the next item. You can change these settings on each listing if you want. 

Your sales will be better if you ship to as many countries as possible - our filtering system automatically shows buyers ONLY the items that can be shipped to them.

 Communication is important.

  • Respond to questions and offers as quickly as you can in detail.
  • Watch the comments on your item - someone might post a general question there.
  • Keep your buyers up to date on payments and shipping.
  • Leave a rating for every transaction once it’s finished.

Get started now by listing an item!