Buying on Bbop

The new and improved Bbop marketplace is designed to offer something for everyone and make buying an item as simple as possible.

The best way to start is by creating an account - It’s fast and easy, and you can define preferences like your location, language and currency.

The Marketplace

Navigate through the marketplace by selecting Categories in the box on the right of the homepage. After you find the category of products you are looking for, you can use the tick boxes to view one or more brands or models available in those categories.

  • You can also use a simple search with the search bar, using the categories and filters afterwards to refine the search.
  • The features box lets you choose the format (auction or sale) as well as filtering items by their condition. You can choose which countries to shop in. Clicking the “ships to my location” button shows only those items which can be shipped to your country.
  • The filters box below lets you define the location even more closely, in case you want to shop locally, as well as defining a specific price range and years produced.  

The Listing

There are several ways to buy on Bbop. The most straightforward way is of course to hit that blue button! Some sellers are open to suggestion when it comes to prices, you can make them an offer in the messages section (Send Message) in order to specify a price. Remember, it is binding: so if they accept, you have bought the item for that price.

  • For auctions, the seller can choose to have a Buy it Now price. You can buy the item immediately for this price, but the option will disappear once the first bid is made.
  • There are no reserve prices on Bbop so make sure to Watch the item if you are interested! Check out the suggested similar items on the bottom of the page of each listing to see more buying choices.
  • The comments section at the bottom of each listing is a good place to ask a question where others might want to know the answer too – the responses are public. To send the seller a private message, just click “Send Message”.
  • Make sure to read the full description and the shipping and return policies clearly, to avoid any misunderstandings.

My Bbop          

'My Bbop' is your account on the site. Here you can find all the tools to manage your purchases in the market section. The purchased page shows all the items you have bought, while the watching page shows items that you are watching.

If you need to change your shipping address; go to 'edit profile' in order to change personal details.

  • Always remember to leave a Rating for the seller after the transaction is over which rates the overall experience of dealing with that particular seller.
  • Watch for the notifications bell. This will tell you when there is any new activity in your account - sales, purchases, messages, etc. You can also see these on the 'Activity' page.
  • Fill in as much of your profile and account information as possible – this assures the seller that you are a real person and of a trustworthy sort.