Why Use Bbop?

It's FREE! - because musicians are on a budget.

List as many items for sale as you want. There's no risk since it's free.

You have the option to sell locally, in Europe or worldwide. It's up to you.

Include detailed photos, a description, a YouTube video and features of the instrument to help buyers locate it. 

Selection - because music has no boundaries.

A better filtering system to help you find what you are looking for.

An expanded choice of locations to shop from.

A European focus.

Community - because people make music.

See who’s behind the product you are buying.

Show what you are all about on your profile.

Connect with an international network of musicians in our social section.

Information - because we can all learn from one another.

Research your instruments, read reviews, get new ideas, leave your own advice, and shop for what you need.

All in one place!

Bbop is not a huge corporation, but we are serious about building the best marketplace and musicians' community in Europe. We’re evolving every day, and we’d love to hear your comments on how we are doing and what could make Bbop better.