Social on Bbop

Bbop is a place for music lovers to connect, exchange and interact with each other. We want to build a community of musicians across borders. We hope you'll join us in the effort and make Bbop a great resource for musicians everywhere. Here is some basic info on how to get the most out of our social platform:

Start with your profile. 

Go to My Bbop to edit your profile information. You can use this space to market yourself as a musician or just to take part in and contribute to discussion groups. What music are you into? What kind of instruments do you play? Who are your influences? 

Add Photos. You can add your profile and cover photos in your Social settings, as well as others to your gallery- you on stage, your instruments, your heros - whatever's important.

Share your music. Add videos and audio to your profile from Youtube/Soundcloud/Vimeo. You can add a link to your personal webpage.

Improve your sales. People like to know who they’re buying from. If you're selling something in the marketplace, presenting yourself in the social arena of Bbop puts a personality behind the item.

You can use the search bar to search profiles of other Bbop users.  Just select "Social" in the bar. The results can be filtered further.

Looking for a drummer in France? You can also filter other users by Country and Type.

The new Groups section is a unique way to discuss with other users. They are sorted by general type, but there can be a group for almost anything.

You can join an existing group, or start your own. Then, you can start new discussion threads and answer other people’s questions in that group’s threads.

Leave comments on Blog articles or item listings. Hit “reply” if you want to specifically answer one user’s comment.

If you want to speak personally with somebody, there's always the private messages.

So get involved!

Contact us at with any questions.