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Bass Amplifiers are an essential part of the sound of a bass guitar. They provide the all-important low end to a band's sound. While most bass amplifiers are solid state amps, there are also tube and digital varities. Amps come either as a combo (amplifer and speakers together in one unit), or separately as a head with a separate speaker cabinet

Ampeg, Fender, Hartke, Gallien Kruger, Laney, Peavey, Yamaha, Mesa/Boogie and Randall are some of the top brands, but there are many more. Want to buy a bass amplifier? Browse hundreds of amps for sale on Bbop. You'll find second-hand and new amplifiers, for  beginners and professional, at all prices. Looking for a small practice amp? Looking for a certain style or a certain power rating? Or an amplifier in your area? Find your amp more easily by applying the filters on the right.

Bass Amplifiers