Vertigo Mirror - tremolo & slicer with expression output.


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Vertigo Mirror - tremolo & slicer with expression output.

VERTIGO MIRROR   Analog Tremolo & Slicer simultaneous.
Vertigo Mirror is a unique device.  Inside this enclosure two different effects work in parallel.
Extra volume on the dial makes the VM a great JFET Booster pedal as well, adding sparkle and dominance. 
The right-hand footswitch activates a warm sounding analog tremolo. 
Tremolo depth is vast. Beginning with no effect at all, you can turn the dial all the way into almost stuttering wavy tremolo pulses.
Speed control ranges from slow intervals to fast ripples.
The left-hand switch activates a low frequency oscillator that turns the guitar signal on & off like a slicer/stutter effect in variable speeds.
This on/off slicing effect can be simultaneously activated in combination with the Tremolo part of the unit.
By turning the Tremolo depth completely off you get a stand-alone slicer effect pedal.
It can also serve as a square wave tremolo when on 50% mode so you actually have two different tremolos and a slicer to choose from!

Tweaking strange & odd rate combinations when both Tremolo and Slicer are simultaneously active makes the Vertigo Mirror so special! 
Have it synchronized or way off beat! Have a fast tremolo ripple in between slicing or fast slicing between slow tremolo swells,
Vertigo Mirror is equipped with an Expression pedal output and is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Movie Vertigo because one can really loose balance here. It does its thing by adding an inspiring feel to the most simple chord combinations, making riffs sound spooky and scary. Just like out of a good horror film of the good old days. Just run the Vertigo Mirror through a big amp and don’t ever leave the house... or leave through the mirror!

Input: right hand jack.
Output: lower left hand jack.
Expression pedal output: upper left hand jack.

Right hand foot switch: Operate tremolo.
Left hand footswitch:  Operate Slicer.

Volume-plenty out there! - As unity gain is around one o'clock.
T-Depth - Tremolo depth: From no Tremolo at all, to wavy pulses. Turn all the way left for no tremolo when slicer is engaged!
T-Rate - Tremolo rate. Ranging from slow intervals to fast ripples.
S-Rate - Slicer rate. Ranging from slow intervals all the way to ring modulation begin.
50% Toggle switch:  Toggle between 100% slicer cut off to 50% half sliced.
Gives a very beautiful jumping swell from quiet to loud. The device gets very dynamic and allows more playful combinations with volumes in different levels. Using the 50% slicing mode will allow more noticeable Tremolo when slicer is in more extreme settings.

Expression pedal output - upper left hand jack: You can control the LFO rate of the unit with your foot via expression pedal when slicer is activated. Plug an expression pedal into the expression pedal output jack, turn the oscillation knob all the way counter clockwise for full range and enjoy.

LED's: Green LED is on when the device is plugged into a DC jack and indicates tremolo rate even when the device is in bypass.
Orange LED can be turned either on or off and indicates slicer rate. The red LED indicates when pedal is engaged.
This device is pure success and Made by Mystery's pride and joy!. It is fun to play and very different from everything else out there. 
No coloration, ticking noises or any unwanted side effects. Cut off is produced by a perfect sine wave analyzed with an oscilloscope.
True bypass switching. Vertigo Mirror takes 9V with standard negative center.
*An internal trim pot adjusts the voltage current going into the device. In case of any unwanted distortion from the tremolo adjust this trim pot to find the cleanest sweet spot again.