Castles (Chorus, vibrato , delay)


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Castles (Chorus, vibrato , delay)

CASTLES   Chorus dimension / vibrato / delay. 
Here is a magical story... After a year long of experimenting and endless tryouts on building a chorus that won't sound like other chorus pedals but instead would offer a new unique dimension, we actually exceeded all expectations we had by far!
We ended up designing a chorus pedal from scratch and came up with our own unique development.
We are proud to introduce not only a new effect pedal, rather a complete new invention!
A circuit capable of creating sounds we never heard before!

Inside this small enclosure is a highly intelligent circuit design thanks to the great Gerhald Berger (our technical wizard, wild card & god sent).
Unrelated to any other already existing chorus circuit, Castles offers a complete new chorus dimension full of marble and crystal sparkle.

By controlling the mix between your two parallel signals you can shape the character of your chorus using the Blend knob.
You can dial in an added short delayed signal, a strait forward slap-back delay, longer delays with modulation or a following swirling note that will play along with you and will show you around the castle.
You can dial in such extreme vibratos that they fold your guitar neck in half like it was made out of rubber.
You can therefore de-tune notes way further then with a whammy bar and even hear them swirl back again and again..

Friends who got to test the unit for the first time said that calling it a chorus would be an insult!
Castles is much more then a chorus yet what is it exactly is still a mystery.

The design guidelines:
a very special trout blue lays the background for a fairy tail castle.

The controls:
Four knobs: Rate, Fold, Blend and Time.
For a simple chorus setting, dial the Time knob all the way counter clockwise for no delay at all.
Set the Blend between 9 & 12 o’clock and leave the Fold and Rate pretty mellow.
Activate the delay by turning the Time knob clockwise and hear how this little unit turns your guitar into something completely new!
For only slap-back delay without any fold modulation, dial the Time knob and the Blend knob to around 9 - 12 o'clock and turn the Rate & Fold completely off by turning all the way counter clockwise.
At around 12 o'clock on the Blend you find the middle point between two signals,
your bypass signal and the delayed chorus signal. Further clockwise you leave the bypass tone range completely!
That means you stay only with the pure pitch shifted delayed signal that comes to life a few milliseconds later after hitting a note.
Turning the Fold clockwise will enhance the triangle wave of the vibrato and will therefore enhance the intensity of the chorus.
It will throw you into fairytale land if the Time knob is turned and a delay is active.
The Rate knob offers an extreme range of rates starting with very slow pulses all the way counter clockwise and ending with lightning fast chorus shimmers to the right.

Dreamland is just around the corner.
Work to carefully mellow out more extreme settings in order to find the most beautiful sweet spots on this device.
Some extreme settings may appear to be too much! It can easily become a useful setting though if one of the knobs is carefully adjusted.  

Plugging in:
Input jack is to the right. Output jack is to the left.

Castles is simple to operate yet extremely versatile! Everything we ever dreamt about is inside this little box! 
A delay, an awesome vibrato and a crystal tape reel sounding chorus giving your instrument further dimensions like no other effect.
It takes 9V with standard negative center and has true bypass switching.
Please use appropriate standard chargers with a relative low mA current flow.
We also recommend activating the unit for the first time around with the Time knob set at 12 O'clock!