Interview with Opal Ocean

7.11.2018 by Engin Altunlu

Opal Ocean is a genre-crossing duo from Melbourne, Australia - two metalheads playing a fusion of rock and flamenco on classical guitars. They have created a big buzz on the internet and rocked the music world with their amazing videos and concerts.

The Bbop team and Metz Curieux team caught up with Opal Ocean’s Alex and Nadav before their concert in Metz, where we discussed their career, music and the musical equipment they use on stage.

We also heard about their experience in TEDx, their inspiration from Rodrigo & Gabriela, and the gear they use on the stage.  Opal Ocean is sponsored by Yamaha Guitars and uses them exclusively on stage, showing us how Yamaha classical guitars are perfect for their style of music.  They also both use Line 6 multi-effects, which we recently reviewed in our article about multi-effects for guitarists.

We were also curious about their story with big metal music producer Mark Lewis - how they met and how they convinced him to make a flamenco-like album.

Here is our full interview with Opal Ocean. Enjoy!

Check their Opal Ocean’s gigs and everything here, and check out their videos here.