Concert Review: Femi Kuti and the Positive Force

14.6.2018 by Team Bbop

Prague’s Palac Akropolis was recently the sight of a musical explosion, as Femi Kuti and his band the Positive Force brought their Afrobeat experience to town.

Being the son of Fela Kuti  - legendary afrobeat inventor, composer, activist, founder of his own republic – might be a lot to live up to, but his music carries on his father’s legacy flawlessly while adding his own touches.

He didn’t come alone. His band, which really is a force, included two drummers, keyboard, guitar, bass, 4 horns and three spirited singer-dancers. All were dressed in traditional Nigerian clothing and played liked they truly believed in what they were doing.

While singing, dancing and being the band leader were mostly his focus, but Femi also contributed organ and saxophone playing. Some of the highlights of the show were his saxophone solos over the horn section backing. He is not afraid to use the circular breathing technique to really emphasize a note – after all he once played one note for 51 minutes.

Mixing older material with songs from his brand new album “One People One World”, Femi keeps his father’s general composing style as well as his politically motivated lyrical approach. The key to his performance is energy, with the rare quieter moments immediately followed by a barrage of rhythm, horn lines and emphatic dancing.

Though Femi himself mentioned between songs that he was very tired from 5 nights of shows in a row, it certainly didn’t show in his effort or performance. With non-stop rhythm, precise musicianship and message of peace and human rights, a show by this band is truly a special experience.

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