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GJ guitars are the brand name of custom made guitars by Kinellar Guitar Studios.
The very first one started out when, 30 odd yrs ago, I fancied a "Tele" but couldn't afford one, so I decided to try and make one. I had been working in a local timber yard as a mechanic and managed to get a hold of some pieces of wood. After about 8 months my 001 "Tele" was created. Since then it has been modified (or should I say butchered), bored, filled and painted umpteen times. Sometimes I think I would have been cheaper to buy one new.

Some of my repair clients were keeping up to date with the progress and when the finished article finally came about, asked me if I could make something for them. A body, a neck etc. The next thing I knew I was up to # 6, a black "Strat" style with DiMarzio blues pickups. This guitar I kept for about 6 years, until finally someone offered me an absurd price for it.
All the instrument offered here for sale are "test pieces" and are all priced at "cost". Clients that require me to make an instrument to their requirements can expect to pay upwards of £900.00.
Along with my range of electric guitars and basses, I also hand wire guitar pickups under the name of "Allt Dubh" . These are extremely popular amongst local musicians and are started to go nation wide with the endorsee Baz Warne from The Stranglers using a custom set in all his stage Telecasters. The Allt Dubh range covers Strat, Tele, Humbuckers, P90's etc.
Any Questions ?, Interested ?, Just drop me a line.

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