Teisco Professional vintage full tube amp 60s


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Chrysovalantis Nikolaou   Chrysovalantis Nikolaou (Seller)

Ano Poroia, Greece
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Teisco Professional vintage full tube amp 60s
  • Power (Watts): 50
  • Type: Tube (valve)
  • Construction: Combo
  • Made by Me: No

This is a Teisco Professional amp. It's a Twin Reverb clone made in Japan somewhere in the 60s. It's all hardwired, 50W full tube with 2x12AX7 and 1x12AU7 on each channel (2 channels) and 2xEL34s at the final amp stage. Most of the components are original (many capacitors and preamp tubes are Matsushita) and it has 2x12" Pioneer Alnico speakers. The amp is in good working condition, both channels work ok and the pots are cleaned (there is no scratching). The reverb doesn't work and the tremolo works randomly. Also, one EL34 tube makes some noise when shaken, but it works ok. I will provide a pair of new matched Tung-Sol EL34s, but the bias needs to be set because they distort easily. The sound is far better than many modern tube amps mainly because it's hardwired, it has original Matsushita tubes and because of the Alnico speakers. You can check the sound at the included video.