31.8.2016 by Sam Meyers

Are you the type of person that always taps? Hits objects with rhythm? Creates your own little mini drum kit with the world around you only to be disappointed that the sound you want to hear in your head is drowned out by the crying child in the back of the bus, or that you can’t play on the table because the library is a “Quiet Work Area”? 

Fear no more, your solution is here: DrumPants!

The concept and goal are simple, DrumPants will allow drummers and percussionists to take their drumkit with them in the form of a set of electronic strips that you insert, typically, down the length of your trousers and into your shoes. You plug these straps into headphones or speakers and let rip! The strips are programmed to have different areas representing different drums and this can be further programmed to suit your needs. Imagine: high hat on your right thigh, snare on your left. Tom on your right knee, ride on your left. Kick drum for your right foot, not to mention the built in loop pedal on your left so that you can record your moments of inspiration and listen to them back later.

The DrumPants software is compatible with any smartphone or iPad for using systems such as Looper, Animoog, TouchViz and Caustic, which allow you to create exactly the sound that you are looking for.

And you don’t have to be a drummer; musicians in general can benefit from the many uses of DrumPants. Check out the video below to see them in action:

DrumPants are currently sold out due to a mammoth influx of interest from buyers. However if you preorder now, the company is offering a discounted rate to say thank you for waiting. Check their website for more information:


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