Aclam Guitars: Design-focused Innovation

20.5.2016 by Miller Harrison

Combining an emphasis on design with incredible functionality and innovation, Aclam Guitars has one of the most interesting stands at this year's Musikmesse. This Barcelona-based company puts a lot of thought into all of their products and aims high!

Smart track pedalboard

Hurrah for the end of Velcro! The smart track pedalboard cleverly lets you fix pedals in place easily using a simple turn of a screwdriver. It holds tight and doesn’t leave a messy residue on the bottom of your pedals.

Four Adjustable legs let you fix the height and tilt of the board where you want it.

Evo Track Board

Adding more pedals to a full board - the classic problem for pedal junkies. The Evo Track Board solves this problem by allowing you to add extra space (or reduce it) with modular additions. It offers the classic Velcro style board, or flip it over for the smart track system. It has also adjustable rear legs.

Floating Guitar Support

For many guitarists, their instruments are the ultimate work of art. The goal of these guitar stands is to display them that way. Available in wall mount or on a stand, they are adjustable and easy to fix and remove.

20:14 guitars

Where to even begin with these guitar designs? For those who really like to experiment, Aclam has packed almost every possible innovation into one guitar. The tailpiece, bridge and pickups can all be swapped. It has three different circuits included: magnetic, piezo and MIDI, with independent controls for each one, allowing for almost any sound combination. According to the designers the sound should bridge the gap between acoustic and electric. You certainly can’t accuse them of not thinking big!