The Listening Booth

This group is for artists who want people to listen to their music. Post some songs for us to hear. Constructive criticism is great (haters not welcome).

Team Bbop
Miller Harrison
Engin Altunlu
MC Turner
Turner Harrison
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GruGrü - Montpellier

29.12.2017 12:27:54 Dave

Click at your own discretion

(Max Fortune)
8.12.2017 08:01:31 Max Fortune

New Video Clip Fat Bald Turk

(Fat Bald Turk) en
12.5.2017 09:12:33 Turner Harrison

Elastic Banshees | Garage Rock

(Rémi Adrien) en
8.3.2017 18:12:39 Sam Meyers

Electric Blue - Gimme

(Jose Infante) en
25.2.2017 00:09:49 Jose Infante


(Alberto Dj)
14.2.2017 03:29:37 Alberto Dj

rock alternativo español

12.2.2017 19:11:37 José Manuel Toro

TiNG- Rock Dancehall Reggae! (international)

(MC Turner)
12.2.2017 18:11:26 Sam Meyers

piano cover ""

(omar kriaa)
12.2.2017 18:08:52 Sam Meyers

Fat Bald Turk - Prog Rock / Alternative

(Fat Bald Turk)
12.2.2017 18:05:03 Sam Meyers

(Nathan domp)
29.9.2016 07:21:26 Nathan domp Come over and have a listen and let me know what you think!

(Mark McCaffer)
15.9.2016 15:43:30 MC Turner


12.9.2016 13:26:21 danobasse


9.9.2016 13:23:47 danobasse

I am stubborn

2.9.2016 12:28:10 Engin Altunlu

KAKTUS GRÜN french HipHop band

(Nicolas Painset)
30.8.2016 12:17:26 Nicolas Painset


(Max Fortune) en

Goodfeline is stubborn



(Luis Martins) en