Wee Lush Buffer Boy +, pedalboard buffer pedal


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Wee Lush Buffer Boy +, pedalboard buffer pedal
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This is a high quality buffer pedal for your pedalboard. made by Wee Lush effects in the UK. Very useful if you are running a lot of true bypass effects or lots of cable. It got a little scratched on the top (where the logo is) but functions perfectly. It wasn't used much. 

from Wee Lush website: 

The signal's best friend.  The more cable you run and the more effects used the more capacitance is added to your signal; this causes high end roll-off of treble frequencies, makes bass less refined and can muffle your guitar's tone.  Pedals with bad buffers or using too many buffers can contribute towards this; using true bypass effects instead isn't much better, as it acts as one long length of cable causing signal loss.  

Putting the Buffer Boy in front of your chain will provide the correct input impedance to ensure your instrument sounds the same as it would using a short cable plugged straight into your amp.  This is purpose built using a TL071 op-amp (great choice for buffers) to keep your signal sounding clear regardless of cable length or rows of true bypass pedals.  

Has a footswitch to bypass the buffer completely; useful if you use effects that don't like having buffers in front of them (some fuzz pedals) or to A/B it in your set up. Runs on standard 9V power.

The video below gives you an idea of why you might need one!