Telecaster vintage 59' pickups

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  ledfoot (Seller)

Shropshire, United Kingdom
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Telecaster vintage 59' pickups

                                                                  Vintage 59’ Telecaster Pickups

Capturing the tones of the legendary Broadcaster/Telecaster

Bridge delivering that classic spanky edge 50’s lead tone but with more warmth, capturing harmonics as heard from legendary Roy Buchannan. 

Mounted on a copper base plate. Cotton outer wind and potted to reduce unwanted feedback microphonic.  Completed with vintage pullback wire

 5.9 ohms

Neck. Warm, deep,spacey, clean and clunky in combination with bridge pickup.

 I know it’s always a big debate but I hear classic telecaster tones from Jimmy Page right from Led Zeppelin one to houses of the holy

 5.4 ohms

Potted to reduce unwanted feedback and microphonic.  

Nickel silver cover


Our pickups are entirely hand wound on bobbins with #42 AGW enamelled copper formvar wire and vulcanised fibre flatwork. All components direct from the USA

Tension controlled by finger and thumb. These pickups are scatter wound to give a truly vintage tone with richer harmonic content.  This process does take time with slower winding but all of our pickups are 100% handmade with great care attention and pride. Each pickup is numbered and dated to record moment of creation