Ross Compressor w/ Keeley mods and blend (5 knobs)


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Ross Compressor w/ Keeley mods and blend (5 knobs)
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NoBrainFX - Ross Compressor with Keeley mods and blend
This features 5 control knobs:
Output Volume

There is also a Trimpot inside (It's mainly used when you use the compressor for other instruments with hotter signals or humbuckers, etc. That balances the input signal level.)

A really cool compressor with additional features to precicely edit your live or studio sound.

125B aluminium enclosure.
Runs on standard 9v.
No battery.
Power adaptor not included.

Video recorded on a shitty laptop's mic input with a Telecaster and Charlie Christian neck pickup (seriously hot pickup) with Trimpot set up at 50%. Please excuse the poor quality of sound as well as the clipping in the end of the vid. Pedal sounds much better up close and directly onto an amplifier with no clipping.. (i could have lowered the trimpot to fix that but i wanted to show you the default settings). Thanks!

A few minor flaws can be seen in the paint , but other than that pedal works perfectly!!!

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