Quested F11a powered studio monitors pair

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Quested F11a powered studio monitors pair
  • Brand: Quested
  • Model: F11a
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Year: 2001
  • Active/Passive: Active

Beautiful used pair of  Blue Quested F11a powered studio monitor speakers.

Sounds amazing with tons of earth shaking bass and crisp highs. Used in studios all over the world.

-Good condition (just normal light marks and scratches from home studio use)
-Works perfectly, no functional issues
-Power cords included for powered studio monitors.

The F11a from Quested is a professional-quality nearfield studio monitor ideal for use in a small professional, project, or mobile studio. The cabinet houses a 6.5" woofer and a 1.1" soft dome tweeter to provide a full frequency response. The drivers are powered by two internal amplifiers that provide 150W RMS of total power for a powerful performance with low distortion. The front of the cabinet is designed to provide a wide "sweet spot" for excellent imaging for recording and mixing applications.

One of the most striking things about the F11a is the distinctive blue cabinet — a one‑piece moulding of a polyester composite, loaded with glass‑fibre reinforcing and a mineral which increases the density and enhances the appearance. It feels cold to the touch and is certainly very dense, which is key to controlling cabinet vibrations.  The polyester resin has about one and a half times the density of conventional MDF and, in the case of the F11, allows a cabinet wall thickness of only 9mm, but a hefty all‑in weight of 11.2kg.

The cabinet also features an internal bracing strut running from the rear of the bass driver to the bulkhead at the back of the cabinet. This pressure‑loads the driver and adds a high degree of structural integrity. It is also thought to be the reason the bass response of the F11 is as taut as it is.

The rear panel is chock-full of controls and connectors. Both XLR and TRS inputs are provided for excellent versatility, allowing you to connect to virtually any system you encounter. Ultrasonic and subsonic filters let you make adjustments at 110kHz and 50Hz, respectively. HF and LF contour switches let you adjust the sound of the speaker to match the acoustics of your work space. The monitor is also magnetically shielded for safe use near video monitors.

Large 6.5" bass driver

High-frequency 1.1" soft dome tweeter

Total amplifier power of 150W RMS

XLR and TRS inputs

Ultra and subsonic filters

HF and LF acoustic contour switches

Magnetically shielded