Planet Pudding - Double Delay unit.


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Planet Pudding - Double Delay unit.

PLANET PUDDING  Double-delay unit.    
Understanding what goes on inside this tasty looking device is actually surprisingly simple. 
Avery low noise pre-amplification stage boostes the input signal and sends it through a single delay stage for you to travel the stratosphere.  Stomping on the left-hand footswitch beams you through even one more delay stage and that is already deep space exploration.
The delayed signal goes back through the op-amp's second stage for further filtering and amplification and leaves through the output door when it is full of richness be it with a single delay or with both delay stages engaged.
The overall delay sound is a very warm, complimenting with a minimal touch of reverb and gives the guitar a rounder dimension.
Both mix knobs allow perfect control over the overall depth of both stages. Dial all the way counter clockwise for a totally clean signal.

Both delay stages are independent. That means you can set the speed, amount of repeats and depth for each delay stage individually.
Activating the second delay stage beams you strait out to fluid space. It is then when this device shines like no other.
It is hard to describe what this really feels like when two delays work simultaneously but are not necessarily of synchronized timing.
We can imagine that people would find it very sci-fi & cartoonish like. The double delaying guitar is extremely inspiring & hypnotizing.
It is therefore a great tool for post rockers or players who love to lay those layers...

Planet Pudding is intended for a different kind of delay lovers. It is not just another delay pedal. It can build unbelievable patterns and offers sophisticated rhythmic compositions. It allows most simple guitar playing to become unique and inspiring. 

Input jack to the right, Output jack to the left.
S1: speed of the first delay
R1: repeats of the first delay
S2: speed of the second delay
R2: repeats of the second delay.
Mix 1: overall depth of the first delay
Mix 2: overall depth of the second delay
Pink led: most beautiful pointy pink led indicates engaging into double delay mode.

Planet Pudding’s second delay stage works in series to the first delay stage and not in parallel to it! In order to play a saved setting on the second delay stage or use the second delay stage only, turn the first delay stage’s Mix knob all the way back for no delay of first stage. Leave the second delay operating (Pink led on) and then activate the unit at will by pushing the right hand foot switch as always.   

When the Mix knobs are on maximum the delayed repeat will be even louder then the first actual played note. Adjust back to unity gain by turning counter clockwise.

Enjoy surfing & bouncing on blubber! Enjoy hearing the second delay dwelling in or out of time all the way to pure random behavior. 
And last but not least, enjoy the fluid and vibrant atmosphere here on this far away planet only we know exists.
Planet Pudding uses true bypass switching and takes 9V with negative ground.
Notice: some videos show the early (single mix knob) version only.