Hopf Jupiter 63 - vintage guitar

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Hopf Jupiter 63 - vintage guitar
  • Shape: Solid Body
  • Number of Strings: 6

Whoa! Here's a wacky one for you.  A molded plastic cousin of the famous Saturn 63 by Hopf. I have only seen a few of these around; it must have been some sort of experiment. The body is made of plastic, the inside is hollow. The neck is nice and straight and has a solid round shape. There's a buzz here and there but in general the guitar plays fine. Nice jinggly surf sound from the pickups. 

I have never really discovered what the actual original state of this guitar should be, but here is my guess as to what's different:

  • I am not sure how it was wired originally, but  i have re-wired for a traditional 1 volume and 1 tone
  • I added a 3 way pickup selector switch
  • The output jack is converted to the usual jack cable (required a missing special cable before)
  • The tremolo arm is missing
  • The bridge is not original - I received it this way. It works well. 
  • Some pckguard screws missing

It's not in perfect condition, see the photos. It's more of a curiosity than your #1 gigging guitar, but as a strange piece of history it's hard to beat.

Ask any questions you want in the comments below.