Allt Dubh Humbucker set H1635 Black & White

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Allt Dubh Humbucker set H1635 Black & White
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I am a guitar repairer and luthier based in Aberdeen.
Allt Dubh pickups are a range of electric guitar pickups manufactured in house at Kinellar Guitar Studios. Although I am still
very new to this, the results have been very promising. Every pickup is wound using the best enamelled wire on either fibre
bobbins or plastic bobbin kits. Alnico II, III, IV and V, VIII, Neo as well as ceramic magnets are used in the manufacturing process
either in rod or slab form. These pickups are fitted in the majority of GJ guitars, used by local musicians and at the moment our
most famous endorsee is Baz Warne from The Stranglers.
As a bonus Kinellar Guitar Studios offer FREE! fitting on all models of their pickup range at our premises in Blackburn, just
outside Aberdeen. Please enquire for details.

This set has a hot output 

Neck - 7.43 Ohms, 3.70 Henries. Bridge - 14.97 Ohms, 7.31 Henries. 

AlNiCo II magnets, 4 wire output. Black and White bobbins.

Free UK mainland delivery on all KGS pickup sets.

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P.S. Stock photos shown, colours may vary slightly between sets.