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Carlos Rodriguez
Fat Bald Turk
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Strictly Go Networking (UK)

(Carlos Rodriguez)
12.8.2016 16:19:10 Carlos Rodriguez

Musical Geisha (UK)

(Carlos Rodriguez)
12.8.2016 16:16:22 Carlos Rodriguez

Young Guns Network (UK based but you can watch the videos online)

(Carlos Rodriguez)
12.8.2016 16:14:38 Carlos Rodriguez

Notting Hill Networking Events (London)

(Carlos Rodriguez)
12.8.2016 16:12:29 Carlos Rodriguez

Riff Taff Music Networking (London)

(Carlos Rodriguez)
11.8.2016 22:18:34 Carlos Rodriguez

Darker Music Talks (London)

(Carlos Rodriguez)
11.8.2016 21:57:44 Carlos Rodriguez