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Line 6

Industry leader in digital effects, modelling amplifiers, and related products.

Line 6 - Who are they?

Line 6 is a team of musicians and techies who started their company back in 1996 when they designed the first ever modelling amp which used software to mimic the tone of analogue tubes in the old classic amplifiers. This amp was named the AxSys 212 and became their flagship product which rocketed them to success. 

By 1997, Line 6 had developed a foot pedal floorboard which could connect to the AxSys 212 giving off wah-wah effects as well a tuner and other effects. Naturally, this became a huge success and helped fuel Line 6 forward in the ever competitive world of music technology.

Line 6 - Technology

In the early 2000s, Line 6 released the Variax Guitar range which at the time offered the most effect and varied abilities of any guitar ever made. The company have continued to follow their ambitions of making technically enhanced guitar products and currently have their new line of guitar proccessors 'Helix' available which has been on the recieving end of many awards including:

  • 2016 Guitar Player Hall of Fame (Helix)
  • 2016 Guitar World Platinum Award (Helix)
  • 2016 Premier Guitar Premier Gear Award (Helix)

....Among many other accolades