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Made famous mostly by George Harrison, when he played the Country Gentleman with the Beatles, Gretsch Guitars certainly have a timeless and cool "look". Their most famous models were produced starting in the mid- 1950s through their collaboration with legendary guitarist Chet Atkins. This produced famous models including the 6120 "Nashville",  6121 "Roundup" and 6122 "Country Gentleman".

In more recent years Brian Setzer has been one of the names most associated with Gretsch, and their use in rockabilly, surf and blues music has expanded.

Randy Bachman (Bachman Turner Overdrive, the Guess Who) is one of the foremost collectors of Gretsch Guitars - in fact his collection was used by the re-launched Gretsch company to actually figure out the specs on most of their old models for re-issue!

Gretsch Guitars - The History

Gretsch Guitars was founded in 1883, when 27-year-old Friedrich Gretsch, a German immigrant, founded his shop in Brooklyn, New York, and began to make banjos, drums and tambourines. His son, Fred Gretsch, built the company into one of the leading manufacturers of musical instruments.

After being one of the premier labels throughout the 1950s and 60s, the company was sold to Baldwin pianos, and quality and interest declined, until production was halted in 1981.

Since 2002, Gretsch has been re-launched in partnership with Fender, and models are manufactured in Korea and Japan under the direction of Fender.

Gretsch Drums

Gretsch drumkits have been well respected by many drummers over the years, most notably the "Gretsch Broadkaster" kit, which ws their flagship model throughout most of their history. It can be seen in many 50s and 60s televsion shows and live appareances. 

Since 2010, Gretsch drums are made by DW.