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 Gibson is a household name all around the world. It holds a legacy so powerful that many non-guitarists will know the level of respect in which these guitars are revered. Gibson's electric guitars have been held in the hands of many of this world's best and most famous guitarists and are the dream of many young aspiring musicians. They  boast one of he most impressive guitar cabinets ever seen, including guitars such as (but not limited to) the Gibson SG, Gibson Les Paul, the Gibson Flying V and the Gibson Chet Atkins SST. 

Gibson Guitars - The First Electric Models

In 1935, the accomplished musician Alvino Rey was enlisted to help produce the prototype for Gibson's first electric guitar. Later that year, Walter Fuller, an employee at Gibson, along with Alvino Rey's help, came up with a final design. Gibson's first pick up came in the form of a hexagonal shaped pickup on a lap-steel model in late 1935. 

"Jazz musician Charlie Christian, who would establish the electric guitar as an instrument with its own unique voice, thought so. Sixty years later, the Gibson ES-150 is still known as the Charlie Christian model, and some jazz players consider the ES-150's "Charlie Christian" pickup to be the best jazz pickup ever made." *

Gibson Guitars - The Les Paul and other top end models

By 1949, under the leadership of the incredibly driven Ted McCarty, Gibson released its first three models with pickups.

It was in the year 1952 that the Gibson Les Paul was introduced and quickly branched out into 4 main sub-models: Junior, Special, Standard and Custom. These have all since be credited as Gibson Classic guitars

"In 1958 McCarty debuted not one, but two radical new ideas-a semi-hollowbody electric and a group of exotic, futuristic solidbodies. The ES-335 was an instant success, combining traditional archtop styling with modern, solidbody construction. The Flying VExplorer and Moderne proved to be decades ahead of their time." *

Gibson Now -What to buy?

Gibson offers only class across their full range of guitars. World favourites include the beautiful and classic Gibson SG and Les Paul models. Although be aware: Expect to pay between $700 - $15,000 for the luxury of one of these beautiful guitars. Our opinion ... they're worth every penny!

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