The 7 Richest Guitarists in the World

16.6.2017 by Engin Altunlu

Yes, you read the title well, there are guitarists who make money! And yes, there are guitarists who are very rich.

I'm not talking about musicians playing for 50 euros per concert (like me); I'm talking about real money. 



So I often follow bands by watching the guitarists - who plays in which bands, etc. For example, I am a big fan of Guthrie Govan and John Petrucci, so I follow their groups.

So just out of curiosity I did a little research into which guitarists make the most money and discovered a small list of the richest guitarists in the world.



Mark Knopfler –  95M$

David Gilmour – 120M$

Jimmy Page – 130M$

Eric Clapton – 196M$

Keith Richards – 250M$

The Edge – 613M$

Paul McCartney – 900M$


You can also be in this list, why not? You have to work like crazy and of course get really lucky but music is our passion is our life, right?

So keep dreaming and maybe one day you'll get there too and never let go! The time you spend with your instrument is going to be paid one day. Well, maybe not in money, but music pays in other ways....