Teenage Engineering

2.5.2016 by Miller Harrison

Teenage Engineering is on the catchy portable side of synth and sequencer tech. We stopped by their bite sized booth at Musikmesse to have a bit of a tinker. They've recently added to their portable electronic creation "Pocket Operator" device line with 3 more fun gadgets to play with. The most notable of these is the Arcade, boasting an entire range of retro gaming sounds to sync up over a beat.

The Robot pocket operator live synthesizer and sequencer provides a weighty backdrop for microcreation. Get a beat going on this thing, then drop in sub and some synth melodies from synced up pocket operators and you have yourself a pocket-sized party with a larger than life sound. Their Ortho Directional Wireless Loudspeaker (OD-11) was extrememly impressive as well, rivaling large systems at surrounding booths for sound. A wireless remote in the shape of a cool little hockey puck controlled the madness.

Small, compact and sleek modern design seem to be the name of the game for Teenage Engineering. Their tiny booth was always pumping out the beats. They were also more interested in playing with their product than giving an interview. Surely that's a product endorsement! https://www.teenageengineering.com/ 


12.5.2016 10:40
#1: Le monde musique change enormement
23.6.2016 13:24
#2: yep you can say that again!

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