Mr. Ginger McCurly

7.6.2016 by Engin Altunlu

Presenting Mr. Ginger McCurly - music addict and producer who transforms into another character on the stage. Axel, a 22 year-old musician, is hidden behind this mask. His approach is simple yet ambitious: Let the public travel into his colorful and dreamlike world. 

Ginger offers original compositions which fall in the genre "electronic/ambient", yet carry influences of classical and rock. But his approach goes further, when his mysterious masked figure comes out. Ginger takes life on stage surrounded by painted decorations - a kind of colorful jungle featuring flowering trees and an icy volcano. 

His work merges audio and video to plunge the audience into a world disconnected from reality. In Metz (France), Ginger recently had his first show in the beautiful concert hall of the Trinitaires. Now he is ready to take his show on the road in neighboring countries such as Germany and Luxembourg. After releasing two EPs in 2015, he is currently working on an upcoming album featuring vocal and instrumental collaborations.

Be ready for anything when he's on stage, because Mr Ginger can suddenly bust out a guitar solo or a piano arpeggio! 

Enter his world and discover an atmosphere of rock and electro mixed. Check out also his Bbop profile

Photos by : Zadig Hein


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