Deafening Opera

3.8.2016 by Engin Altunlu

Here's something for those big fans of progressive rock: Deafening Opera.

Keyboardist Gérald Marie recently met with Bbop to discuss the past and future plans. he even told us about their concert with Vanden Plas! The band is based in Munich and tours regularly in Germany and France. They have released two albums: "Synesteria" (2009) and "Blueprint" (2013). You can follow them on their website.

If you are like us and love progressive bands from the 70’s like Eloy and Jethro Tull, and also the progressive sounds of the newer generation, you should give them a listen. They have a great mix of sounds from those periods and really original riffs. We'll be hearing more from them in the future for sure!

Adrian Daleore – Lead Vocals
Moritz Kunkel – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Thomas Moser – Rhythm Guitar / Spoken Words
Christian Eckstein – Bass / Backing Vocals
Gérald Marie – Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Konrad Gonschorek – Drums

7.9.2016 11:11
#1: Nice sound
29.1.2017 15:34
#2: This band are great! Love their sound. Thanks so much for the blog post! :)

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