Bbop Team at Mannheim Guitar Summit 2017

12.9.2017 by Engin Altunlu

As usual we would not miss a meeting of the guitar world in Mannheim, Germany! The Guitar Summit 2017 was paradise for us six string lovers, where we can play with new toys, admire magnificent guitars and meet luthiers from all over Europe.

In contrast to the cacophony of Musikmesse, at the Guitar Summit the rooms were quiet enough to be able to chat, though you could still out try out the amps, guitars and pedals with the provided Bluguitar nanoamps.

All in all it was great fun and we played plenty of great guitars. But here are a few highlights from all the great gear we tested there:

Gamble Guitars - Handmade in Germany

This booth and their guitars always catch the eye with their super cool design. I tested their Rockfire Semi model. It’s perfect for those who love semi-hollow guitars, a very characteristic tone with a wide variety of sounds easily controlled with the knobs. Very nice to play, a super comfortable neck!

Learn more at the Gamble Guitars Homepage.

Tronical Tune

Here we found the guys who make the automatic tuners found on modern Gibson Guitars. Just press a button and you’re in tune! Though that line has had its fair share of criticism, and these may not be for everyone, there are plenty of guitarists who think they rock! They have models which you can easily put on your own guitar.

Find them at


Zeberus Guitars

Zeberus Guitars is a lutherie workshop in Germany that makes their guitars with a layer of precious stones like amethyst. This layer not only gives a unique character to the sound, it also yields a very long sustain. Plus, of course, it looks great. According to luthier Frank, their mission is to create the guitars for life with a very specific sound.

I fell in love with these guitars and had to play for a very long time - It was the most interesting stand for me!

Check the pictures and videos on their homepage

Rock Fabrik

On Bbop we have a lot of pedal manufacturers from all over Europe selling handmade pedals, so we were very happy to meet this company from Istanbul, showcasing some interesting designs made from high quality materials. If you are a metalhead looking for high-gain distortion, their model "Mind Abuse" is especially great!

Learn more at

Here's what the Mind Abuse sounds like:


Grossman Audio

Fed up of arguing with your neighbours every time when you're recording at home? Grossman audio has a very simple solution: An advanced and easy-to-use isolation box with a place for two microphones. It is very easy to change speakers thanks to their practical design, and it can also come with a road case, making it perfect for gigging on a quiet stage.

Check it out at


Demon Pedals

This small boutique pedal maker from Germany showcased the Mattrix Fuzz, an updated version of the vintage Green Russian Muff fuzz pedal. It produces a wide range of tones between fuzz, distortion and smooth overdrive.

Though I am not a person who uses fuzz very often in my setup, this one had me thinking I need one…


At events like Guitar Summit you always meet great people, crazy musicians and inventors, and from them always a few crazy instruments – like the PLANK!

It’s easier just to show you what it is, so check it here:

You can plug into an amp or just bring it closer to your ear to hear its magnificent sound.

Check out its creator and main performer at


Marleaux Bass
You may not believe me, but the sound of these basses never stops! They have almost infinite sustain.

The builders were nowhere to be found to answer questions when I tested their "Diva" model (low fretless), but I really was shocked how the sound rang out. The basses had very cool designs, perfect sound and infinite sustain. Maybe it was anomaly of this model, or maybe they all have it. I guess you’ll have to try for yourself…

Here's their homepage:


More detailed impressions from Guitar Summit coming soon here on Bbop!