Bbop Interview: Wild Dog Stomp Boxes

29.5.2018 by Team Bbop

When we were lost in Musikmesse’s drum room in the noise of 1000 drummers playing and cymbal testing, we met with Wild Dog from Australia, maker of fine stomp boxes – those little wooden boxes that can be used as a kick drum. It’ a great piece of gear to have for acoustic bands or one-man-band types.  Wild Dog has several different models with different sound qualities.

They are very selective about the wood they use on their products, to give you a very nice kick-like country music beat sound. They also have models made from Bamboo. Plus, some have adjustable tambourines on the stomp boxes that you can tune how to your liking.

We would love to know what they use as pickup in it, but it’s kind of a secret. Either way, the result is good. You can hear samples in the video.

Here is our interview with them at Musikmesse. Enjoy!

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