Bbop Discovers Jeudy Custom Amps

27.11.2017 by Miller Harrison

The Bbop team heard a rumor that the back room of the local record shop had turned into a showroom for Jeudy custom amplifiers, and of course we couldn’t miss a chance to test them.

Julien Jeudy is another crazy, talented and innovative man. You give him an amp, he improves it!

We tested several handmade amps he had with him: a 2-channel mix of Vox and Orange models (my favorite), a modified Fender style and a Marshall style.

However, these amps are for demonstration only as he builds every amp according to the client’s order. And there’s no limit on what he can do! Normally when he recieves orders the musicians describe what they want and then trust him to produce something spectacular.

Julien has already worked with a lot of artists such as Tony Peman, Eric Starczan, Laurent Pisula (Tibz, Florent Mothe), Heartbeat Parade (Luxembourg), Hollywoodfun Downstairs (New Zealand)., Roots Intention Crew and he told us he will soon see Nono (Norbert Krief) of Trust.

So here's our little interview with him in the showroom at La Face Cachée (in French, with English subtitles).